Make-up Tips


Eyeshadow shapes and defines your eyes and make them attractive. Match eyeshadow colours to complement the colours of your clothes for all well-groomed look. If you have bought a powder eyeshadow which fades easily, don't throw it away. Just invest in a white cream eyeshadow/base and apply it as a base before using that powder eyeshadow. The effect will be more intense and long-lasting as more powder sticks on the skin and stays longer.

Powder Eyeshadow
- Cheap brands of powder eyeshadow tend to fade after a few hours, and have a rough, difficult to blend texture. Those that stay vibrant untill the end of the day generally cost more. So buy the best that you can afford.

Powder Eyeshadow
- Cheap brands of powder eyeshadow tend to fade after a few hours, and have a rough, difficult to blend texture. Those that stay vibrant untill the end of the day generally cost more. So buy the best that you can afford.

Gel-to-Powder Eyeshadow
- This gel turns to powder when applied on eyelids. Colours are more intense than powder eyeshadow and this gives a more dramatic effect.


For an instant pick-me-up, apply blusher on your cheeks. Besides giving you a healthy rosy look, blusher also shapes your face. Pink-toned blushers give you a healthy, natural glow and look especially pretty on fair skin. They are suitable for dark skin too, but use solid, deep pink shades instead of pastel pinks which can give a chalky look. Brown-toned blushers like coral, copper and wine are good for the evening and a more dramatic look. But remember to blend it well, or your rosy cheeks may look bruised instead.

Powder Blusher
- suitable for all skin types
- Apply after foundation and loose power.

Cream Blusher
- good for dry skin; not suitable for oily skin. Can be difficult to blend and requires practice.
- apply after foundation but before loose powder. If your complexion is good, apply it without foundation.
- some cream blushers have a shimmery effect that give you a natural glow; apply this to cheeks, forehead and chin only.

Cheek Gel
- suitable for all skin types except very dry skin.
- apply on bare skin or after moisturiser/foundation, but before loose powder.
- gel dries very quickly so you’ll need to blend it fast to achieve a natural blush.

Tips : your lipstick can double as a cream blusher. Remember the days when lipstick also served this dual purpose for our mothers?


Powder is a finishing touch to your foundation. It is essential for setting foundation and controlling shine, especially on hot days and T-zone areas. Powder usually comes in loose powder and compact pressed powder. The best choice is translucent powder, whether loose or pressed, because it suits all skin tones and enhance natural look.

Loose Powder
- to create natural and healthy look, dust loose powder on with a powder brush
- to create long lasting and set foundation better, apply loose powder with a powder puff
- suitable for all skin types

Compact Pressed Powder
- this is essentially loose powder packed into a compact case
- handy for light and quick touch-ups
- suitable for all skin type

Tips : If you are a natural girl who likes a gentle romantic finish, consider loose powder. If you are more active and sporty, the matte look or pressed powder may be ideal for you.

How to choose a right CONCEALER?

Concealer is an essential make-up item as it covers skin imperfections, blemishes, dark under-eye circles and other skin discolourations. Concealer usually comes in 3 forms – liquid, cream and pencil - each provides different coverage. Always choose a concealer that is beige or yellow-based and one tone lighter than your foundation. Anything that is too light or white-based will only serve to show up the blemish. There are also colour concealers, such as green (help to tone down redness/pimples) and purple (brighten pale/dull skin) concealers. Concealer can be used before or after foundation, as long as you blend it evenly.

Liquid Concealer
- provides natural & light coverage for blemishes and dark under-eye circles
- usually comes with a sponge-tipped applicator or brush
- suitable for all skin types

Cream Concealer
- provides medium to full coverage for very dark under-eye circles and heavily pigmented skin and also for pimples that have dried up and are peeling.
- usually comes in compact and stick forms
- suitable for all skin types except for very oily skin, but its good for use around the eye areas as the skin there tends to be drier

Pencil Concealer
- provides full coverage for fresh pimples as its thick and waxy surface to stay on unlike cream or liquid concealer
- suitable for covering spots and blemishes on oily skin
- drier than liquid or cream concealers

Tips : Don't throw away your lighter liquid/cream foundation as it can be used as concealer to conceal minor blemishes.

How to choose a right FOUNDATION?

Foundation is the base for flawless make-up and it helps to make your skin tone appear even. There are so many foundation products available nowadays. You may be overwhelmed by the variety and find it difficult to choose the most suitable foundation for yourself. Always choose a foundation with a yellow undertone as most Asians have a yellow skin undertone. What is the difference between a cream foundation and a liquid one?

Liquid Foundation
- provides natural & light coverage
- water-based/oil-free liquid foundation is good for oily and combination skin
- moisture-based liquid foundation is suitable for dry skin
- finish with loose power/compact pressed power to set foundation

Cream Foundation
- provides medium to full coverage
- suitable for mature skin, very dry skin, freckled skin and heavily pigmented skin
- normally comes in compact or stick form
- finish with loose powder/compact pressed powder to set foundation better

Two-Way Cake
- provides medium to full coverage
- it's a 2-in-1 foundation - combination of liquid foundation and loose powder
- can be applied wet (on dry cheek) or dry (oily T-zones)
- suitable for all skin types, especially for combination and oily skin
- great for touch-ups
- loose power/compact pressed powder is not necessary

Tips: The correct foundation colour should looks as natural as your "second" skin under the sunlight.

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