Handcrafted Jewelry for Weddings / Gift Ideas / Other Occasions

These unique jewelries are all handcrafted and only sue Swarovski crystal and pearls and Japanese seed beads. Indulge yourself in the brilliance of Swarovski crystal craft jewelry. Each piece is delicately beaded, exclusive and distinctive, adding sparkle to your special day.

- All prices quoted below are inclusive of packaging & shipping charges within Malaysia.

- Custom made jewelry according to personal preference colour but subject to availability.

Swarovski Pearl & Crystal Bracelet
Code No: B1015
Price: RM45.00

Swarovski Pearl Necklace
Code No: N1006
Price: RM50.00

Swarovski Lovely Angel Handphone Hanger / Pendant (White / Pink / Purple)
Code No: H1001
Price: RM38.00

Swarovski Pearl Round Pendant
Code No: P1015
Price: RM35.00

Swarovski Spring Butterfly Bracelet
Code No: B1006
Price: RM45.00

Swarovski Garden Bracelet
Code No: B1005
Price: RM45.00

Swarovski Star Pendant
Code No: N1002
Price: RM25.00

Swarovski Mixed Flowers Necklace
Code No: N1003
Price: RM55.00

Swarovski Diamond-Shaped Flower Ring
Code No: R1004
Price: RM30.00

Swarovski Oriental Necklace
Code No: N1004
Price: RM55.00

Swarovski Butterfly Necklace
Code No: N1001
Price: RM55.00

Swarovski Flower Necklace
Code No: N1002
Price: RM40.00

Swarovski Star Earrings (2-sided, 2-tones)
Code No: E1003
Price: RM35.00

Swarovski Stripe Ring
Code No: R1001
Price: RM20.00

Swarovski Flower Ring
Code No: R1002
Price: RM35.00

Swarovski Black Lacy Gemstone Ring
Code No: R1003
Price: RM35.00

Swarovski Rondelles Pendant
Code No: P1001
Price: RM50.00

Swarovski Star Bracelet
Code No: B1004
Price: RM45.00

Swarovski Heart-in-Heart Bracelet
Code No: B1003
Price: RM50.00

Swarovski Romantic Earrings
Code No: E1001
Price: RM20.00

Wedding accessories collection is coming soon

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