Hello! My name is Shirley Swu. a Japan Certified Professional Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist based in Kuala Lumpur with numerous years of experiences in bridal make-up, engagement /ROM make-up, dinner make-up, private make-up lessons, etc and hold Diploma in Professional Bridal & Fashion, Diploma in Professional Beauty and BA(Hons) Business Administration.

Make-up has always been my passion, as it not only entails working with fun and innovative colours, but also allows me to connect with a variety of dynamic personalities. Most importantly, I am able to use my creativity in order to maximally enhance a person's most attractive features! Choosing the right colors, tones, and look to effectively apply them to a diverse clientele is trule an art form. I feel very fortunate to pursue such a self gratifying career, as not every job can offer that.

I have always loved jewelry design and the combination of different textures of beads, metal, stone and glass. I spend my free time creating jewelry pieces in my collection.

For more information, contact us at: shirleyswu@sheermake-up.com